Eddy Marshall

Music from our heart to yours

          We are Eddy Marshall. Formerly seven piece folk band comprised of musicians from Berklee College of Music. The band is led by yours truly, I am a guitarist and a singer from Northern Virginia and I originally put the band together to play on my debut EP: "Life On Mass Avenue" and we decided that playing together is so much fun that we should take the show out of the studio and on the road. 

         Our music is inspired by the upbeat chords of Paul Simon, Hillary Reynolds and Robbie Schaefer and our lyrics are written about anything and everything you can imagine. After our debut show in the new Berklee Caf in Boston Massachusetts, the band took a month to prep for its debut tour ranging from Owls Head, Maine to Charlottesville, Virginia.

         We are now based in New York City and just released a new EP titled: "Eddy Marshall" that is heavily influenced by more electric artists such as BOY, Nile Rodgers, and of course, Norah Jones. We play in various lineups that include solo singer-songwriter sets, duo funk sets, blues-pop trio sets and full quartet band gigs.