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Eddy Marshall is a pop/jazz bandleader who grew up listening to Ray Charles and Norah Jones in Northern Virginia. He started playing guitar at ten years old. After high school, Eddy attended college at University of Vermont, began playing shows at the Radio Bean and eventually transferred to Berklee College of music where he graduated with a degree in music education. In 2015 Eddy released his first EP. In 2018 he released four fresh singles.

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Email: EddyMarshallBooking@gmail.com

Phone: 7036237976

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Eddy writes music about the moments that tell stories in an instant. They exist all around and he relishes taking the time to indulge in their beauty. The untouched steaming mug between a couple at a table, the bartender refreshing his email at every gap in service, the rain in a man’s combed hair as he enters a restaurant and looks around the room.

His band backs up these moments with a passion for music influenced by Norah Jones and Ray Charles. They lounge in the perfectly relaxing middle ground between pop and jazz. It is a rainy day where the listener wraps themselves up in a blanket and sighs, "I have nothing to do today, perfect."

Eddy grew up in the mid-afternoon thunderstorms of Northern Virginia. At age 10 he unwrapped his first guitar for Christmas. Years later he cut his teeth in the jam bands at University of Vermont and played his first shows at the Radio Bean in Burlington. He blistered his fingers in the practice rooms at Berklee College of Music where he majored in music education. As college rolled to a close he put together a band and released his first self-titled EP. Eddy and his band toured up and down the east coast and even ventured into the Midwest a few times. In 2015 they moved to move to New York City where they are now based.


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